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HK Hampig Khoshian Designer / Entrepreneur


More than 10 years of experience in design that meets every demand and need.
Hampig (huhm-peeg)

Hampig (huhm-peeg)

Guilty as charged




Oscar Wilde wrote: I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best. Hampig has made that his designing philosophy.

Thinking out of the box and always letting his inner child to get involved with his work, Hampig tends to create unique designs that puts the customers on higher grounds.

Educated in Cologne, and having been working in Paris and Hong Kong, Hampig understands the importance of making his designs culturally relevant better as he himself is a product of cross cultural communications and interactions, making him the ideal candidate for creating products that must be specifically adapted for a certain market and cultural needs.

In The Press

In The Press

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Helping you to be unique and lead.

Conception and design

Absorbing your brand, we create draft concepts. Of those, together we select the best and explore further. After strict review and reflection with the client, we narrow down the direction to a single concept. We then explore and refine until the design is PERFECT.


Working hand-in-hand with the clients, to create or facelift a brand, we study the company’s philisophy, the target, the market and merge that with new kwoledge and concepts to turn ideas into colors and forms to achieve one single result: DESIRE.

Production Management

From product conception to final delivery, we are present and responsive throughout the course of conception, design, prototyping and production. we make sure that each single requirement through every step of the way is properly fulfilled and your products are made with CARE.


Through a time and budget-oriented designing perspective, we will help you to exceed your expectations yet still fall within time and cost limitation. By optimizing every aspects of product design to all the steps that will take place in the production process, the result will be EXTRAORDINARY.


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